All About Using Wood Imitation Tiles For Your Home!

Most homeowners have their own sensibilities when it comes to aesthetics of their house. Despite that, wood remains the most loved and preferred choice for diverse applications. Wood has a natural charm and look that’s unique, but the good thing is it can be replicated. Yes, we are talking about options like Carreaux Metro wood imitation tiles. As the name indicates, wood imitation tiles are designed to mimic the look of wood. In essence, these are tiles but are designed to appear in a certain way. In recent years, the demand for wood imitation tiles has increased manifold, and in this post, we are discussing the aspects you need to know.

Why go for wood imitation tiles?

Wood is not resistant to moisture and is not water-proof, and that poses a limitation in the way and to the extent to which it can be used for bathrooms, kitchens and similar areas. With wood imitation tiles, you have a waterproof option that looks wood but doesn’t have the same disadvantages. Secondly, porcelain tiles are designed for durability and are resistant to scratches, so you can use it in variety of ways. With wood imitation tiles, you don’t have to bother about chemicals and staining – a concern that’s always there with natural wood. Not to forget, tiles are temperature resistant, and if installed rightly, you won’t need to spend on extensive maintenance or repairs for at least a decade or more to come.

Where to use these tiles?

While wood imitation tiles can be used anywhere in the house, bathrooms and kitchens are good areas to start. For bathrooms and kitchens, you cannot rely on natural wood, because these rooms are more prone to moisture, leaks and spills. You can use wood imitation tiles for shower room, kitchen backsplash and flooring, and even for countertops. This is also a great way to add beauty to outdoor areas, including decks, patios, balconies, where you want wood in its glory but cannot rely on natural wood because of weather concerns.

Get an estimate

Since wood imitation tiles are specialty designs, there are only a few dealers who sell these, and the cost is usually a tad more than standard ceramic tiles. We recommend that you get an estimate in detail, which is the best way to keep the budget in check, and many sellers have design consultation services, so you can get help on the kind of look that will work for your home.

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